Don't just take it from us! Hear what our customers have to say about the (BIF) BullsEye!

Bob Davis, Bob & Dawn Davis Photography & Design 
"I've had the opportunity to shoot with the BIF BullsEye and find it very stable and comfortable to hand hold and track birds in flight with long lenses. It provides a solid platform with freedom of mobility. I found the 300 f2.8 with 1.4x converter on a Canon EOS 7DMII, effective focal length of 680mm, a great birds in flight combination using the BullsEye and if you shoot video even better!"
Tony Sweet, Tony Sweet Photography
"I was able to beta test the BIF Bullseye! Ideal for professional to serious amateur bird and wildlife photographers. Light, durable, and well made. Highly recommended!"
Tom Feeney , Feeny Photo
"The first time I put my lens on the BIF Bullseye and took it out I was simply amazed at how good it is...My photos are sharper and the results are much more consistent. I love it and cannot wait to get out and shoot some of the bigger raptors.

Ian McNicol , 

" As an avid bird photographer, I had to carry a heavy camera & lens with a ballhead & sidekick on a tripod, and often over rough terrain to get my shots. Often, by the time I set up my outfit for a shot, the subject has gone & I miss it altogether. But, since acquiring the (BIF) BullsEye, life has been so much easier. It now takes only a second to aim, focus & shoot with steady accuracy. I can now walk towards the subject while firing off bursts to get closer. I couldn't do that with the outfit on my tripod. Also, camera shake is reduced dramatically by being able to hold the outfit firmly into the shoulder. It becomes even steadier when mounted on a monopod with a tilthead.

  I would recommend the (BIF) BullsEye to anyone who needs a fast reaction time to get their shots. Especially with sports, and other moving subjects like birds in flight. 
  Without question, it is now my favourite photography gadget.......Ian.