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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I attach my camera lens to the (BIF) BullsEye?
A: An Arca-Swiss compatible lens foot or plate is required to attach to the (BIF) BullsEye.

Q: Can the (BIF) BullsEye handle a 600mm or larger lens?
A: The (BIF) BullsEye can handle the weight of large super-telephoto lenses. However, this product does not support the weight of your camera and lens by itself. If you can hand-hold your lens, then the (BIF) BullsEye will allow you to stabilize it. Personally, we don't recommend hand-holding lenses longer than 500mm as the extremely narrow angle of view makes subject acquisition very challenging. To support the weight of your lens, we recommend mounting the (BIF) BullsEye on a monopod with tilt-head.

Q: What is the weight of the (BIF) BullsEye?
A: The complete assembly weighs approximately 1kg (2.3 lbs) with the handle attached and 863g (1.9 lbs) with the handle detached.

Q: How does the (BIF) BullsEye support my camera?
The (BIF) BullsEye is designed as a camera stabilization tool, not as a stand alone support system. Your shoulder will support the weight of your camera if you are using it for overhead subjects. Otherwise, hand-held support comes from you. What the (BIF) BullsEye does is allows for smooth hand-held tracking and stabilization of long lenses. For a load-bearing solution, we recommend pairing the (BIF) BullsEye with an Arca-Swiss clamp or tilt-head on a monopod.

Q: How does the (BIF) BullsEye make shooting with a monopod easier?
A: The idea behind using a monopod is that you form a tripod with your body. By stabilizing your camera/lens combo with your shoulder, using a monopod becomes much easier with the (BIF) BullsEye, because the rig does not tilt laterally. If you combine a tilt head on your monopod, you can angle your monopod leg to increase stability. You can also easily raise the camera and monopod off the ground to track a flying subject.

Q: Can I use the (BIF) BullsEye with a mirrorless camera system?
A: Yes, as long as you have the appropriate Arca-Swiss plate/foot for your camera and lens.

Q: Can you use the (BIF) BullsEye if your lens does not have a tripod collar/foot?
A: Yes. Simply unscrew the dual mounting clamps and reattach them at right angles to each other, and mount the camera to it with a compatible camera body plate.

Q: How do I setup the (BIF) BullsEye Arca-Swiss Camera Stock?
A: Download a PDF copy of our setup guide here.

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If you are not satisfied with your (BIF) BullsEye, you may return it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund, less shipping.

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