(BIF) BullsEye: The Story

Designed for Nature and Action Photographers

(BIF) BullsEye™ Arca-Swiss Camera Stock with Nikon D850 and Nikon 200-500mm VR lens attached and optional handle 

Camera shoulder stocks have long been a staple for nature and action photography. They allow you to stabilize your camera while tracking moving subjects. However, we found the existing products just weren't designed for today's autofocus DSLRs. We set out to modernize the classic shoulder stock and make it solid, lightweight, and adjustable. After 18 months of prototyping, testing and refining our design, we are proud to introduce the (BIF) BullsEye™. The (BIF) BullsEye is the only shoulder stock designed to support modern telephoto lenses using Arca-Swiss compatible components.

With the (BIF) BullsEye, tracking moving subjects hand-held is smooth and comfortable. The unique design is fully adjustable to allow photographers to tailor the fit to their body size and dominant eye. The pivoting stock allows you to shoot overhead subjects with ease, keeping the camera from smashing into your face.

You can use the (BIF) BullsEye as a stand-alone stock, or mount it to a monopod head to reduce fatigue. The (BIF) BullsEye is the perfect stabilization accessory for outdoor photographers who don't want to carry a tripod in the field at places like nature preserves and sporting events. 

Key Features Include:

  • Machined in the USA from aircraft-grade 6061 billet aluminum
  • Arca-Swiss compatible design
  • Locking, adjustable lever locks
  • Adjustable stock angle
  • Pivoting stock for overhead shooting
  • Adjustable handle position, or remove it entirely
  • Mounts to Arca-Swiss compatible monopod/tripod heads
  • Reversible for right or left shoulder shooting
  • Patented in the USA: #US 9,746,751 B1


(BIF) BullsEye: Stay Mobile, Stay on Target

    Fully adjustable arm angle

    (BIF) BullsEye Arca-Swiss camera stock
    Reversible for left/right shoulder shooting

    (BIF) BullsEye Arca-Swiss camera stock
    Shooting overhead subjects is easy with the (BIF) BullsEye™

    (BIF) BullsEye Arca-Swiss camera stock with monopod
    When mounted to a monopod with tilt-head, the (BIF) BullsEye delivers exceptional stability in the field.