Using the Locking Lever Clamp

The (BIF) BullsEye™ has a unique locking lever clamp to mount your camera onto the top rail. The lever has three positions:

  • Open (unlocked)
  • Center (partially locked)
  • Closed (locked)

To open the clamp, you'll need to slide the safety latch that is on the lever arm to release it. Closing the clamp does not require moving the safety latch.

The clamp jaw opposite the lever lock has an adjustable screw knob. This knob allows you to fine-tune the jaw width when the clamp is in the open and middle (90º) positions. By setting the clamp width properly, you can open the lever to the 90º position to adjust the camera position without the risk of the clamp detaching from the rail.

Download the (BIF) BullsEye™ Setup Guide